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That is nice but all your reference document links say 80mph, 90 mph etc.
but do not say what exposure, whether the wind velocity is fastest mile or 3
sec gust or what loading specification the rated value is based on. This was
my original question. Building officials are kind of particular as to what
is being specified.


Lonberg Design Group, Ltd.
H. S. Lonberg, P.E.,S.E.

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The #21-50 would be 21 sq. ft for 80mph. The info is missing from the
particular doc for #21-50

You might look the #21-40

The windload is:

80 mph - 21 sq. ft
100 mph - 15 sq. ft
110 mph - 11.5 sq. ft

I do have the 21-40 and works great, going to extend it to #21-60 by adding
two additional sections

The price is very competitive to others similar towers, they have a great
customer service.


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Where on the current Universal Tower web site did you find the 21sf at
110mph rating for the HD-21-50 rating? All they say there is if your antenna
is xx SF go down the list that has the same number or larger than the
antenna area I see no reference to wind velocity or what standard is used in
their rating of tower capacity. Am I missing something?


Lonberg Design Group, Ltd.
H. S. Lonberg, P.E.,S.E.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Towers

I plan to install a 50' tower and a tri-bander for 20/15/10 and was
originally considering a U.S. Towers 55' crank-up model. While researching
towers, I came across a company called Universal Towers that sells aluminum
free-standing towers.

Based on the specs, the Universal Towers HD-21-50 aluminum tower looks like
it might be a better fit for the following reasons:

* At $1989 it's $2K cheaper than the U.S. Tower crank-up
* It only weighs 190 pounds (spread over five 10' sections), versus >800 for
the crank-up, making it a lot easier to get off the truck with fewer people
* The base doesn't require a rebar cage, making installation simpler
* It won't rust

The HD-21-50 is rated at 21 sq.ft. at 110 MPH, while the U.S. Tower crank-up
is rated at 30 sq.ft. at 50 MPH.

The installation instructions for the aluminum tower says to assemble the
tower on the ground, attach the antenna(s), and then walk it up. In my case,
I don't have 50' of horizontal space to do this. Is it feasible to climb
this type of tower and assemble it vertically section-by-section with a gin
pole? (Whatever I put up will be installed by a professional tower

Any reason why I shouldn't consider this aluminum free-standing tower?

- 73, Jerry


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