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[TowerTalk] Cushcraft X7 Question three

Subject: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft X7 Question three
From: "John E. Cleeve" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 18:02:40 +0100
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I had a number of suggestions in reply to my question, but the easiest
option was suggested by an old friend. GW3YDX, Ron said, drill out the
dimples, which is what I did, taking care not to drill into the internal
concentric plastic insulator of the traps. Then by using blocks of wood
and applying gentle force, I was able to slide the traps apart without
resorting to bending the contact strip between the element and the outer
cover of the trap, and thereby risking its fracture.

The wasps, or whatever had taken up residence, had not built their
construction near the trap inductor, but at one end of the trap casing,
and in my example of the X7 the trap inductor is covered with an
insulating coating,and I don't think their presence would have effected
the performance of the X7.

Sincerely, John G3JVC/GM3JVC.


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