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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antennas questions...
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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 10:44:25 -0300
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Hi Marcelo

What´s the height of your tower?

I think you are looking for the best choice for a stack of tribanders on
your tower, don´t know if you can put 3 tribanders, that will be very good.

So the question is, wich tribander choose for your stack!


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On 8/22/2012 5:17 PM, Marcelo Egues wrote:
> Hi..
> I have some questions about the real performance of the tribander
> I like Mosley antennas for the durability, construction and
> I've seen several tribander antennas (Bencher, Optibeam, M2) with less 
> performance than the TA34 (comparing gain on website).
> It´s correct?

You will find all kinds of claims for gain, f/b, and longevity from most
antenna manufacturers.  An antenna that is rugged, has good gain, and good
front to back is going to be expensive...and likely "big".  A number of the
really good antennas of yore are no longer available.  C3i is an example.
They made really good antennas and stood behind them. 
They weren't perfect antennas and you weren't going to run 4 or 5 KW through
them, but they worked well.

Everyone seems to have favorites that have been up for years, or decades BUT
those are too few examples to be statically meaningful.
It's like reading "ham reviews": Typically nearly everyone who purchased an
expensive rig or antenna things it is the ultimate, with a few thinking it's
a POS.

The one thing in common among all advertized gain figures whether dbi or
dbd, is an inconsistency because those gain figures are either calculated or
are measured at a specific site. If measured they are specific to the site
where they were measured and the "skill" of the person doing the
measurements as well as the advertizing departments .... ah...ahhhh...spin,
not that I'd ever accuse any of them of embellishing the test results.

I've had many different makes and models over the past 50 plus years. 
I've had multiples of a number of them over the years, particularly
tribanders and multiband verticals and I have done comparisons between a few
of them and all of them required maintenance at one time or another.

One thing I can say with a certainty:  There are often changes in the same
make and model over the years.  I recently put up a Cushcraft R8 and am
getting ready to put up a new Hy-Gain AV-640 for comparisons.
These antennas look very much alike, were designed by the same person with
the AV640 coming after the R8.  Both companies are now owned by the same
company. There is definitely a noticeable difference between the two as far
as "put up and go" as well as bandwidth.  Major difference when using a VNA
for analysis.

I wish I'd had the VNA available years ago.

I also wish I had taken photos of the parts finish of the earlier AV640
compared to the current production (IE Post buy out) and also had one of the
earlier R8's for comparison.

At any rate, if you like Mosley, then go with it, but be careful about
advertizing claims.  It may or may not perform according to a bunch of web
site comparison figures, but in the real world on a day by day basis you are
unlikely to be able to tell any difference between it and the typical
tribander unless their quality control has gone down the toilet, which has
definitely deteriorated with some companies.

73 and good luck on your choice what ever it may be.

Roger (K8RI)

> Thanks you for reply..
> 73
> Marcelo CX2DK
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