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[TowerTalk] need help identifying a vertical antenna...........

Subject: [TowerTalk] need help identifying a vertical antenna...........
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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:01:28 -0400
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1.   I'm in a situation where I need to try to use a different kind of antenna. 
  I would like ot try a vertical, and see what changes it makes in my 
transmitting and receiving ability.   

I would like an antenna (commercial or homebuilt) which:

*  Is somewhere around 30' in vertical length

*  Base to be mounted 25' above ground level

*  Uses few radials (4 or so)  <the radials will be insulated wire, and also be 

*  does not need a base tuner (one in the shack is fine)

Would greatly appreciate links to an antenna similar to this.   

2.   We have a metal roof.   Is there any particular advantage mounting this 
centered on my roof?    Or, are radials the trick?   

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