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[TowerTalk] How Do I Schedule a Freight Pick-Up?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How Do I Schedule a Freight Pick-Up?
From: "Bill Gaines" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 08:21:04 -0400
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On June 29 my LM-470d was destroyed in a wind storm. I immediately started 
looking here and elsewhere for a suitable replacement. I found a couple but 
both were on the left coast and both indicated the buyer would have to arrange 
shipping. I have since found others closer to me but still the same thing about 
me doing the leg work on locating a shipper. I finally decided to replace the 
old tower with a new one also being shipped from the west coast. My reasoning 
was that since they do this full time they must have shippers waiting at their 
door to pick things up and haul away. I am told by the manufacturer that the 
tower is completed and is awaiting pick up by a trucking company. I have been 
told this story several times now....waiting on a company to come to pick it 
up. My question is this. Where do I go to find a flat-bed truck that will pick 
this tower up in California and bring it to me in Ohio?

There simply must be a reasonably quick way to get this done.

Bill AD8P

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