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Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 10:24:11 -0700 (PDT)
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When my UST TX-472 was delivered it came on a flatbed , along with a much 
larger motorized tower that I tried to talk the driver into dropping off :-)...

I had a tow truck in the driveway , he picked it up off the truck and dropped 
it in the driveway , took longer to sign the paperwork than to remove the 


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Just last year I bought a new TX-455 after my old tower was destroyed, and
mine was delivered by a 5th wheel trailer and dually truck. The driver
pulled up next to the tower site, I had 4 other local hams to help and we
deadmanned off another truck as the driver pulled out and just before the
tower slid off the 4 of us picked the tower up and laid it on the ground so

That being said, the tower came from UST Kansas plant and I was lead to
believe it was coming from California to  W. Kentucky. It cost me a little
more than a $1000 shipping from Kansas to W Kentucky

Good luck


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Your local upscale rental yard will have several alternative forklifts 
available for unloading, which is your responsibility.

"warehouse" forkifts will only work on a good paved surface.

"pneumatic tire" forklifts will work on a firm gravel surface

"rough terrain" will work most anywhere not muddy, but many of these are 
"reach trucks/lifts" and you need maneuvering room for a 15 to 20' 
boom.  They can reach out with loads up to 35' or so, which might be of 

even the smallest model will have enough capacity.  Consider what you 
need to get to the tower base right after unloading.

some have used tow trucks for unloading, that might work ok if they can 
handle the height of the flatbed deck.  Or a friend with a decent size 
(3/4 yard bucket and up) frontloader/backhoe and some slings.

I've used 4 or 5 different rental yards when I need something other than 
my own pneumatic tire forklifts, and none have asked for insurance 
binders for this equipment (some will for really big stuff if you aren't 
a business), so if you have a good credit card, no hassles to rent 
them.  The delivery guys have always been willing to give me the basic 
how to run it instructions.

about $250 to $400 per day depending on how big plus delivery ($80 to 
$150 round trip).  Sundays are usually free if you rent Sat-Mon.

Use slings noosed around the forks and basketed around all sections 
spaced at the balance point.  Don't lift with the forks under the 
tower.  Steel on steel is very slippery.

Or hire a rigger, but most of them have equipment that will only work on 
a paved surface.

Grant KZ1W

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