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[TowerTalk] NOT lubricate your cables from US tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] NOT lubricate your cables from US tower
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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 09:43:58 -0600
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Over the years on this list there has been a persistent thread suggesting it is 
essential to lubricate your crank-up tower cables.

See the link below for a .pdf FAQ document from US tower wherein it is stated 
twice NOT to lubricate the cables. Below I also cut-and-pasted the relevant Q & 
A's.  There may be those who will argue that lube is a must, but I would 
suggest following the advice of those who build the towers.....even if they 
don't build the cable.

As a US tower owner for 14 years, I have NEVER put lube on my cables and they 
have remained in excellent condition. They have been replaced twice, but NOT 
because of any noticeable wear, but only as a precaution as per the 
manufacturers advice.

73, de steve ve6wz.

QUESTION : Cable replacement and maintenance.

ANSWER : We recommend that you replace your cables every three years, with 
regular inspection of

the cables. You need to look for any rust, broken strains and/or kinking. We do 
not recommend

lubricating the cables as can cause a more serious damage to them.

QUESTION : Can the cables be lubricated?

ANSWER : We do not recommend lubricating the cables. The lubrication only 
attracts dirt and debris

causing cuts and scarring into the cable resulting in a shortened cable life 

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