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Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 117, Issue 19

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 117, Issue 19
From: bob finger <>
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2012 13:31:32 -0400
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What is below is probably the absolute worst, or most misguided recommendation ever seen on this reflector. No way I would leave 50 foot of 25 free standing much less want to climb it, even if it had absolutely nothing at the top. Follow the manufacturers recommendation, not those with anecdotal evidence that anything will work. 73 bob de w9ge
On 9/9/2012 12:31 PM, Ro Grrr wrote:
Put up your 40 or 50 feet of Rohn 25 and hang your UH and VHF antennas on itand 
don't worry about guying it at all.


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