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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cable Ties
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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:05:43 GMT
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In my business, I used Thomas & Betts cable ties in black and found
they would give good service for about 7 years after which they
became brittle.

Noted on a number of "clean up" jobs that the white/natural colored
cable ties disintigrated into salt-grain sized particles after about
4 years in the sun.

I found that if I gave the cable tie two wraps of black Scotch 33 
they would last indefinitely.  

My experience is that the cable tie provides a quick, mechanical support and 
the black tape provides UV protection for the cable tie.

As for where to buy,  I'd stick with reputable supply houses and avoid: 
hamfests (unless the package says Thomas & Betts or Panduit)
Radio Schlock, Dollar Store, Harbor Freight (Arbor Fright for our VK 
mates...HI!) or any other low rent outlet.

Be Well,


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