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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 13:54:36 -0400
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On 9/15/2012 1:07 PM, Larry wrote:
It is worth mentioning because the ice can be a significant factor. The
person who asked the question will have to make an assessment whether
ice is a factor in his particular situation. But there may also be
others reading that want the answer where ice is indeed a factor. I see
the mention of ice as a more complete answer but it is factor that may
not apply to all situations. Getting antennas down from a bent mast
would not be fun.

I have ice on average about one day in 10 years. Fortunately, it is
usually without wind.

Nearly any state can have ice and substantial ice. Fortunately for the gulf states it is rare but some of them have had significant ice storms. The rest of the lower 48 have much more ice as you go north. So you ignore ice at your own risk. Cold does not necessarily mean ice.

The past few years weather has varied much more from one extreme to the other with some weather forecasters saying that the more extremes appear to be more likely than the benign weather most of us have seen for the last 50 to 60 years

Here I only remember a couple of "significant" icing events in many decades, the last ones being in the 70s and I'm in Michigan. Likewise they were without wind, BUT the last one was major ice breaking off, miles of power line poles. Behind my house the power line had so much sag it was about chest high. A quarter mile West of me there was close to a mile of power line laying on the ground. The tips of the elements on the KLM monobanders were close to pointing straight down, yet I lost no antennas nor did any of them have permanent deformation. OTOH we were without power for nearly two weeks. It came on once just long enough to pump out the basement.

"Almost" anywhere in the US ignoring ice is a risk, mainly because in most places major ice only happens occasionally. As I said, we haven't had a bad ice storm since the 70s, but the next one could be this coming fall, winter, or spring. Only in a few places is ice a regular event. If you are in a location that can have ice, ignoring it, as I said before, can be a risk leaving you playing the odds.


Roger (K8RI)

73, Larry  W6NWS

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How can one assume that the person who asked the question has a problem
with ice?   I’ve personally never lived in a place,
in 57 years of radio, where I had an ice problem.    You guys keep
making things more complicated than necessary – I guess
the computer program was probably in error as well?

Just my humble opinion.

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