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Re: [TowerTalk] AN Wireless HD tower installation advice needed

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] AN Wireless HD tower installation advice needed
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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 12:07:14 -0500
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Hi Mat,

I put up an HD-80 in 2008 and had some of the same questions you did. There are pictures on the AN Wireless site that can help some.

I used ratchet straps to snug the base to the blocks. Didn't figure they'd cause any problems encased in concrete. I also clamped the top of the base to long 2x10s to keep it from turning. In all, every thing went well and nothing moved.

As for feedline, I just tape cables to a tower leg.

ICE used to sell mounting bars on which you could mount either N or UHF connector grounding blocks. I mounted a bar across two legs top and bottom of the tower - had to drill a couple of small holes at each place for the mounting bar. Looking back, now I'd just mount an aluminum angle drilled for UHF bulkhead bulkhead adapters.

Grounding is accomplished using a common ground lug under the first bolt of the base to first section connection. I got some Stainless steel shim material (0.030?) and made washers to fight the dissimilar metal issue.

73, Glenn/KD0Q

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Subject: [TowerTalk] AN Wireless HD tower installation advice needed

I will be ordering an HD60 from AN Wireless on Monday for my windy and lightning-prone ridge top WV location and have some questions regarding installation:

1. It looks like the preferred way to support the base prior to concrete is to rest the base on cinder blocks. Are there other tricks needed to keep the base level and immobile during the actual concrete pour? Perhaps I need to use rebar ties to fasten the tower base to the rebar cage? I am paranoid about having the base shift during the pour and creating a "leaning tower of Pisa" in my yard.

2. How did you run your feedline up the tower -- are there suitable clamps available? The profile of the legs looks makes me think some ingenuity will be needed.

3. Grounding coax at top of tower - Same tower leg profile challenge. I have only found products that are suitable for tubular shaped tower legs. So how do you securely bond the shield to the tower leg of an AN Wireless tower? Example:

4. Grounding base of tower to ground field - I have 2/0 solid copper that I need to connect to the tower legs at the base. Same tower leg profile challenge. The tower is galvanized so I need some sort of stainless steel plate to separate the galvanized tower from the copper; and I need to figure out how to make a solid connection of the ground wire to the tower legs. I have no idea how to make this connection.

Thanks for any advice.MatKK1C

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