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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Heights pre-1995 Aluminum Tower
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Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:40:04 -0400
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At 12:56 AM 9/29/2012, you wrote:

I am trying to locate any information for pre-1995 Heights Aluminum Free Standing Towers. Catalog or Datasheet scans would be appreciated.


How old and what type tower do you mean? Pre-1995 could cover a lot of years. My fixed Heights tower was installed at my house in 1976, and I bought it used!

I have several catalog/datasheets from that era. I can't do a good job of scanning since the data sheets are 11x17 inches. I can scan the individual pages probably with some overlap or xerox them and paste together.

My 80ft tower consists of three lowest sections of type HAC-26 (0.25inch wall tubing), followed by two AC-26, one AJ-26, two AC-22, one AJ-22, one AT-18. That tower is listed as 26sqft. free standing. I added two sets of loose phillystran guys after a 100yr storm in 1978. It is still standing.

A different datasheet which I think is somewhat later no longer shows the HAC-26. Instead the 25sqft starts with two AC-30 followed by an AJ-30 which transitions to AC-26. I believe the heavy duty HAC-26 replaced the AC-30.

I have several other pages describing a line of fold-over Heights Al towers. I have never seen these.

I also have a catalog of Al towers from Universal Towers of Warren, MI. Heights was in Almont, MI. I have always wondered about the history of these two companies. The products look very similar.

The current Heights is in FL. They give a little history.

I see they now also sell telescoping towers. If that is what you are seeking, I can't help.

ron w8gus


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