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These look great, but 2 grand is a bit sobering :-)  I wonder if good old
Harbor Freight has anything like it?


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For light tower work (up to 1000 lbs load) most crews use capstan rope
hoists (catheads). After getting used to one, you will never consider
anything else.

-Steve K8LX

On 9/29/2012 10:48 PM, K8RI wrote:

> I'm looking for a powered winch that runs off 110, that is relatvely 
> easy to move from tower to tower, can be left out in the elements, 
> will take up to several hundred feet of 1/4" steel cable or 7/16ths 
> double braided poly rope.
> I like the winches that go on the front of pick up trucks and SUVs 
> except for the weight and 12 VDC operation.
> Most of the 110VAC powered winches are meant to be a permanent part of 
> the installation and use multiple belts. I do not want to use a simple 
> V-belt reduction unit. It needs to be reversible and hold up to 500# 
> safely, yet be something a guy with a bad back can handle.
> I have several hand cranked winches that are capable of doing what I 
> want, EXCEPT I do not want to be underneath what I am cranking up. Nor 
> do I want to have to build a remote mount for each installation. Hence 
> the remote operated, electric powered requirement.
> There are enough ways to get hurt seriously when working on towers 
> without standing under what's going up.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)


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