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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Winch needed
From: K8RI <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 00:27:00 -0400
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On 9/30/2012 12:07 AM, Grant Saviers wrote:
An anchor windless with a capstan would do the job, but only 12v/24v.
Here is one with 27amp needed so a small switching supply might work
especially if you added a small battery to handle any high surge
currents.  Of course capstans only pull when the bitter end of the line
is manually tailed/tensioned.

It takes very little training for some one to use a capstan, BUT they need to have a deep knowledge of what is needed when raising and lower parts on a tower.
A spool windless that could

"take up to several hundred feet of 1/4" steel cable or 7/16ths
double braided poly rope"

is also known as a boom winch.   Most are hydraulic motor driven.  For serious rigging 
supplies, see Boats & Harbors ("yellow sheet") online 

I've not seen an vehicle electric winch by Ramsey or others that could spool 
that much cable.

Otherwise, the McMaster 120v choices look like they are lift rated if you can 
stand the price tag.

Most of the winches I've seen on trucks could handle that much 5/16" or 7/16" double braided poly rope. It's surprising how much you can get on one of those. OTOH you probably couldn't get a 1/4 that much of wire rope on it.

Weight is the major problem for me. I could even use one of the truck winches, except for the weight of the battery. I also do not like the idea of a lead acid battery in that environment. Drop a 40-50# mast 60 feet and there'd be acid all over the place.


Roger (K8RI)

Grant KZ1W

On 9/29/2012 8:30 PM, Mike wrote:
These look great, but 2 grand is a bit sobering :-)  I wonder if good old
Harbor Freight has anything like it?


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For light tower work (up to 1000 lbs load) most crews use capstan rope
hoists (catheads). After getting used to one, you will never consider
anything else.

-Steve K8LX

On 9/29/2012 10:48 PM, K8RI wrote:

I'm looking for a powered winch that runs off 110, that is relatvely
easy to move from tower to tower, can be left out in the elements,
will take up to several hundred feet of 1/4" steel cable or 7/16ths
double braided poly rope.

I like the winches that go on the front of pick up trucks and SUVs
except for the weight and 12 VDC operation.

Most of the 110VAC powered winches are meant to be a permanent part of
the installation and use multiple belts. I do not want to use a simple
V-belt reduction unit. It needs to be reversible and hold up to 500#
safely, yet be something a guy with a bad back can handle.

I have several hand cranked winches that are capable of doing what I
want, EXCEPT I do not want to be underneath what I am cranking up. Nor
do I want to have to build a remote mount for each installation. Hence
the remote operated, electric powered requirement.

There are enough ways to get hurt seriously when working on towers
without standing under what's going up.


Roger (K8RI)

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