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Subject: [TowerTalk] THANKS....Phased Verticals 40m......
From: "John Frazier" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 09:29:59 -0500
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Thank you, to all who took the time to offer good insight and experience.  It 
is refreshing to see this type of response.

Solely as a result of longevity (read that, being old with 356 confirmed),  I 
have some personal experience to draw on.  In the past, my 40m dipoles at 
75'-80' have pretty consistently beaten "some" phased verticals, to include 
some 4 squares.  This was true on 80m, as well.  I assumed it related to the 
technique and caliber of the 4 square installations.  

Some of the responses reminded me to consider other options, such as wire beams 
or loop configurations.  We recently down-sized from a large home and lot to a 
new brick villa home on a 75x190' lot.  The rear 60' is wooded, and the lot on 
the right is vacant and heavily  wooded.  I'm trying to buy it.

Today, I think I'll see if I can get a 2 element wire beam, switchable NE/SW up 
in the trees at 50' or so.  It would probably require less effort than a 4 
square.  Another option may be to consider an elevated 2 or 4 element GP.  That 
configuration will probably bring about the old ground vs. elevated radial 
discussions ; ).

Again, thanks to all for their input.  Truly a great bunch of folks reside here.

73 John W4II

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