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[TowerTalk] Lightning protection and control wires

Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning protection and control wires
From: Larry Loen <>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 09:34:59 -0700
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I really don't understand, quite, how to protect myself from lightning
coming down the various wires.  I'm sure this will be crushingly obvious to
someone, but I'm clearly missing something.

I'll have wires to coax switches and, of course, the rotor.

I plan on doing all the grounding of the coax and even putting in one of
those special gadgets that "blow out" a ball of whatever-that-substance-is
for the non-ground signal on the coax.  I plan on putting in the grounding
systems talked about in "Up the Tower" and generally around here.

But, despite having "Up the Tower" I don't get how to really secure control
lines (e.g. to the rotor) as far as lightning goes.

Is there some gadget that does the job?

Have I overlooked something?

Do I just rely on the regular low impedance grounding system to take up
most of the energy and hope not much flows on these wires?

Larry Wo0Z

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