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Re: [TowerTalk] Yaesu 800DXA Followup

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Yaesu 800DXA Followup
From: Mark Adams <>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 21:11:23 -0400
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UPDATE!!!!  I have the rotor on the bench and open. Looks FB for sure.
Apply 12.5V directly to pins 4-5 on the rotor connector. Hear a click and
nothing moves. Reverse the polarity and touch the pins again. Same click
and no motion. Then I turn the juice to 23.5V. Yes! It runs full speed, for
about 5 seconds. Then speed slows and slows and slows till it is at a dead
stop. Reverse the polarity and it runs very slowly the other way for a
maybe 10s then stops.

This is the SAME behavior I had up on the tower. So, it appears that there
are two options:

1. The gear train is binding although I don't see anything to indicate
this, or
2. The motor is FUBAR.

FWIW, the motor Ohm reading was 9.5 before I applied any DC power and after
a bunch of testing it is now 7.5 Ohms. If I let the unit sit for 5 minutes
and power it up again, it'll repeat the run at full speed and slow down

Mark K2QO
K2 #543

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 11:13 PM, Mark Adams <> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> In July I asked for help with my rotor issues and my initial notes are
> below. Today I finally lowered the tower, removed the mast and stack to see
> if anything was binding. The cabling was fine and the thrust bearing was in
> good shape. Then we tried to run the rotor with no load and it behaved just
> like before. I opened the rotor and the inside appears to be like new.
> Hmmmmm....
> Now I need to make a cable to test the rotor on the bench. Does anyone
> know if the Yaesu connectors are commonly available? Boat or auto stores
> maybe? I'm sure Yaesu will be glad to sell me a pair :-)
> ------
> Email to list from July:
> Hi Gang,
> I've had this rotor up for a few years but this spring problems cropped up.
> At first I could not get rotation if the speed was anything less than HIGH.
> Then the rotor would only turn a little and simply stop. If I used a preset
> and hit START, it would move some, stop and the rotor box would be hot if I
> did not reset it quickly. Things I checked:
>  1. I thought that my homemade Kellums gave out and the rotor loops were
>  tight but they still had enough slack to allow rotation.
>  2. I checked the connector at the rotor and it is clean and dry.
>  3. The rotor has not moved on the rotor plate. It's in its install
>  position.
>  4. My mast is 1.94" OD 6061-T6 Al so it is not tight in the thrust
>  bearing so I don't thing that is a problem, but I did not have a 2nd
> person
>  to operate the rotor while I was on the ladder. (It's on a TX-455 so I
>  checked it cranked down.
>  5. Measured in the shack, the motor shows 10 Ohms.
>  6. Measured the voltage on pins 4-5 of the control box and I get 11V on
>  LOW and 23.5V on HIGH.
>  7. I took the cover off and put my meter leads across the motor leads at
>  J1009. Rotor was set to N. I then started full speed rotation CW and the
>  voltage was a stead -21.9 right up unitl it stalled at 150 degees. I then
>  tried CCW, V was 21.8 and got no rotation. Binoculars show that no cables
>  are hung.
>  8. The inside of the box does have a bit of burned odor, but ever so
>  slightly.
> Any ideas???
> FWIW, I'm turning an F-12 C4E, 2M7 and 64DX. All that was a tad much for
> the used HD-73, but this one should be fine IMO.

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