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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 09:56:09 -0500
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I want to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions, both on and off list. It was all very helpful.

To summarize... It appears there are two approaches - coil the coax flat on the top plate like a watch spring, or coil the coax vertically around the mast like a remote TV truck mast. The flat coil takes a top plate large enough to accommodate the coil or some kind of support can be added. The vertical mast coil takes 2-3 feet of clear mast just above the top of the tower. In any case, make sure there is enough coil and clearance at limits of rotation.

In my case, I have 2 feet of mast clear just above the top plate and will go with the remote TV Truck mast coil approach. I built a mock-up of the top of my tower so I could check out the fit on the ground. At center travel, there are 4 turns of coax bundle with a diameter of about 9 inches. At 270 deg CW rotation, the bundle diameter is just under 8 inches, and at 270 deg CCW the bundle diameter expands out to just over 10 inches. This keeps the coil inside the tower corner bolts and above the thrust bearing hardware. I have barrel connectors and grounding mounts both on the mast and 3 ft down the tower so I can replace the coax loops as necessary.

Pics of my mock-up are at

Thanks again!

73, Glenn/KD0Q

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I'm getting ready to build coax jumpers for the rotor loop on my tower using the "2-3 turns around the mast" method. It will be a bumndle of 4 coax feedlines using Davis Bury-FLEX. Does anybody who used this method have pictures? Any hints from experience?


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