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[TowerTalk] Choice of aluminum, 80m vertical.

Subject: [TowerTalk] Choice of aluminum, 80m vertical.
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Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 03:02:45 GMT
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Consider your local "non-ferrous" recycling yard as a source of long
aluminum.  Sometimes they will get in "lighting standards" (poles to
support lights for parking lots, highway interchanges, etc.)

Or, they may have other long lengths of aluminum tubing.

Also, a good place to ask about lengths of copper wire for grounding
and radials.  

A few words about "recycling yards."  It is a very tough business with 
razor-thin profit margins.  The business is dirty, physically demanding and 
darned dangerous with all manner of sharp, pointy things to spear and cut the 
unwary.  Please do not call them "scrap
yards" (it is considered an insult in the business.)

If you deal with the people there in a non-condescending way you may
be able to have them "keep an eye out" for materials you can use.
(Slipping a $10 to the scale person is a good idea as well..HI!)


You might ask around for "BUD tower."  

This is an extremely light weight triangular aluminum tower made decades ago 
for TV antennas.  Comes in 6' lengths and is made from
stamped, formed, riveted aluminum sheet metal.  Made by the same folks who now 
make "BUD" electronic enclosures. I've got some made in the early 1960's (as 
far as I can tell...HI!) and it is a joy for Field Day operation as a 6' 
section weighs about 8 pounds.



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