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Re: [TowerTalk] Tower removal. Gin Pole or something else?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower removal. Gin Pole or something else?
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:49:01 -0400
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O.K. it is.......the link is
Now here is a breakdown of the pictures...One is the pulley I use-hanging from a dogwood limb. This pulley has no slop in it for any rope to jump the pulley. It is whisper quiet. It is made by Sherman and REilly, Chattanooga, Tenn,, has a 1250 lb rating, and is a 827-002 model.
This pulley will swivel 360 unrestricted.
I have 2 pictures showing the bottom of the pole--showing the hooks. The distance between the hooks is 31 1/4 inches--thats the same distance between the angles of the tower where the gin pole sits when ready to use. It is critical that the hooks bottom out exactly the same to eliminate free play. The slots that make up the hooks need to be a couple inches off and away from the gin pole to give some clearance from the tower. 3 X 3 angle steel, or 4 X 4 angle steel will do this just fine. This pole can not jump off,, and in 25 yrs, never has. When under load, it has NO lateral movement at all. Under no load, it will wiggle side to side a little. Make the slots for the hooks about 4 inches long,
and it will be very secure.
Since I have no tower up currently,, I tied off a section of Rohn 25 to the balcony of the garage. You can see the angles where the gin pole is mounted. I have a front and a back view of this... The good thing about this,, once you set up this gin pole to fit Rohn 25,, it will also fit Rohn 45, 55, and what is nicknamed Rohn 35( called HW for Motorola in the 60's)..It fits them all. I have also pulled up 300 ft runs of 7/8" heliax thru the pole-whichs weighs a lot more than Rohn 55. I have another one just like the one shown,, but it is about a foot longer. When the gin pole is in operating position,, there is 51 inches attached to the tower you are climbing,, and about 10 ft up in the air to raise or lower a section. Both my poles are 2 X 2 square, and 1/4" wall. Hope
you all like this...It is a great gin pole-TRY IT !!!  Dan Cisson N4GNR

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So I have erected many towers using a standard 12 foot gin pole, works
great, but takes forever. However, what is the best practice these days for
removing a 50-60 ft Rohn 25 tower? Gin pole or is there an easier way?


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