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[TowerTalk] Fw: Crank up tower bracing rubbing against cable

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fw: Crank up tower bracing rubbing against cable
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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 20:33:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi All,

Thank you for the replies.  Just an update.  US Towers contacted me today and 
told me they will look into this.  We didn't discuss any methods on a remedy.  
I will wait for their response before I do anything.

One thing I should mention is that the tower cable is positioned directly over 
the center of the Z brace (see my pics).  So the cable is blocking the point on 
the brace where the greatest mechanical advantage occurs.  If I try to pry the 
brace a few inches from the center then the amount of force required to bend it 
becomes more significant.  With the winch method I could place a small cable 
loop directly over the center of the Z brace in a vertical position such that 
the cable loop is parallel to the tower cable, and attach the cable loop to the 
winch cable.  This way there's no risk of damaging the tower cable.  If there's 
a way to modulate the winch pressure then I think this method is the most 
elegant solution.  I could buy a 1,000lbs hand winch for less than $30.  But 
I'm unsure of where I could mount the winch to.  Here's a link to the winch I'm 
thinking of.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Woo, W6GX
(970) 646-1711

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Hi All,

Thank you the replies.  I also received many replies in private.  Many of you 
suggested of bending the bracing with a crow bar or hitting it with a piece of 
wood.  Well, I tried both methods today and neither of them worked.  I would 
need a really long crow bar to bend that thing.  The wood method didn't work as 
the wood absorbed all the pounding.

I have an idea that might work and save me a lot of time.  My tower is very 
close to my driveway.  I could tie a cable to the bracing and attach the other 
end to a winch or a vehicle.  With a 300-500lb force I should be able to bend 
the bracing just enough to clear the interference.  When retracted the tower 
should be able to withstand the pulling force, I hope.  Since I don't have a 
winch I will have to ask
 my neighbors for help.  I will report back on my progress and result.  Thanks 
and 73.
Best Regards,
Jonathan Woo, W6GX
(970) 646-1711

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