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[TowerTalk] Any Mosley Pro-67-C-3 users?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Any Mosley Pro-67-C-3 users?
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 19:46:56 -0400 (EDT)
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Hey Guys,
I just got my new antenna delivered last Friday before the storm that hit  
the NE and am in a big hurry to get this thing up...I am getting into snow  
season here in WNY and Mr. Murphy has been on me since I started the tower  
project in July..I took down the old Mosley TA-36 and the Tower..(Tri-Ex Sky 
 Needle) to upgrade and re-cable the tower and rebuild the gear boxes on 
the  tower, pulleys and Telrex rotator etc...its taken way longer than I  
expected with delays from the crane,cable purchase, antenna delivery  
etc...needless to say I have had a bad summer...
Anyone here have some good settings for the 40m portion of this antenna to  
get me in the air without the fiddling in the manual?....I want it resonant 
in  the lower part for CW and RTTY...I dont have the space in my yard to 
get it up  to 12 feet for testing or time/energy to take it up/down offa da 
tower to  get decent results...when raised it will be abt 75 feet up...
I can/will however be able to fine tune it next year when spring gets here  
and I can rent a lift to fiddle with it...and I am not up to my crotch in  
So far with all the wind and rain I have been getting ...the only  thing 
outta the boxes is the manual...
The manual says 46" out on the driven el. is a good starting point  and 
will resonate on 7.200...and the back of the manual says a good  starting point 
is  48"...when I called Mosley they said the CW setting on  the driven el. 
is 49.5" with the ref. 9" longer and the dir. 16" in  the now I am wondering if 49.5 will be too long?....and take me too  
I am just wanting this summer nightmare over and the aluminum up so I can  
let the Alpha heat the shack during the long winter....I have taken a few 
days  off work next week to start gluing this thing all together...
Thanks alot for any help...
Mike W2GR

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