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[TowerTalk] RFI Issues for W7PSK

Subject: [TowerTalk] RFI Issues for W7PSK
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 10:33:26 -0500 (EST)
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I have had lots of experience working with RFI over the last 35 years with  
three different power companies.
With most of the guys coming out, you can't just tell them...I have an RFI  
problem and you need to find it.
It is imperative you go out and do your homework.  
The first suggestion is something you can't do...turn the beam around to  
see where the source seems strongest.  usually there are multiple sources  so 
this can be tricky.
Second, if you have a mobile rig, hit the road and using your AM radio as a 
 starter, drive around the neighborhood.  When you start getting pretty  
strong noise on the AM radio, switch to your mobile rig.  Turn it on AM to  
the highest freq it will go.  Higher is better.    When it  peaks in a general 
area.  You have a culprit.  Check to see if anyone  in your local club has 
an MFJ "sniffer" or something similar.  With that  you can usually nail down 
the problem to one or two poles.  Tie a piece of  survey tape to the 
After you have identified the offending sources, call up the power company  
again and tell them you know for sure which poles are the problem.  I can  
tell you from experience they will be a lot more cooperative if you do this 
sort  of thing.  You , as the one with the complaint, will seem more  
knowledgeable, and you will find them easier to work with.
I am currently working with my local power company using the above method  
and they have been very cooperative.  In FL we have lots of thunderstorms  
and as a result many arrestors on the poles get blown.  If you can lead  them 
to the source they MUST and will fix it.
In a message dated 11/13/2012 3:11:02 P.M. Coordinated Universal Tim, writes:

I guess  I should have given a little background.  

Im suffering from  severe RFI from my neighborhood, especially from 30 
meters down through 80  where its unbearable.  Makes the bands sort of useless. 
I have  noise on the higher bands but its bearable.  

I had the power  company come out and try to find it as it sounded like 
power line buzz to me  on AM.  But they ruled it out.  So they no longer will 
help.   The ARRL has a volunteer that contacted me but after discussing the 
station,  he wants me to fix a couple of issues he doesnt like before we go 
RF sniffing.  He said legally with the FCC I need to correct these in case we 
have to file a  complaint. 

My House is sort of a H shape with one leg off the H so  sort of chair 
shaped.  My room is midway though the longer side of the  chair.  I have no 
access hole out of the room to direct outside, and as  we put up new siding the 
XYL is not keen on me popping a hole there.  The  Bathroom sits to one end 
and I had access to behind the tub so I ran my Coax  down that access and 
across the crawlspace (which actually slopes) and out the  air vents. You can 
stand in the crawl space on the bedroom end opposite the  bathroom from my 
room. So driving a rod would be ok under the tub area.   However my land is 
Rock filed and very difficult to drive a full 8 feet down,  it just depends on 
the area.

We rarely get lightning here, maybe 1 or 2  a year.

My antennas are a Ground mounted Vertical with 16 25' radials  and a 4ft 
ground rod (rocks would only allow that deep).  Also I have a  glen martin 
Roof tower right above the shack, which does not have a ground  wire attached 
as I figured that would be 25 ft or so of ground wire and  wouldn't be 

The ARRL rep (an electrical engineer) said i  need to drive an 8ft rod 
below my room and run 2ga down to it.  I was  going to get a bus bar from the 
big box to connect the shack equip to this  ground. 

He also suggested I put 2 more 4ft grounds around the  vertical. 

So that is what Im working  with.

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