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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rivet Tool Info
From: Larry K4AB <>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 13:24:01 -0500
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I'm in the process of assembling the new Force 12 Delta-II-6BA.

I agree with Chip K7JA, that the hand rivet tool is very difficult for
popping the rivets.  Bear in mind that I am no large, athletic guy,
but I'm no little old lady either.  The hand riviter is tough to use.

I prefer a simple pneumatic riviter that can be bought for around
$50.  The advantage of the pneumatic tool is that you can use
one of your hands to steady the element, and the opposite hand
to "pop" the rivet. The dual-hand riviter that Chip recommends
requires use of both of your hands, making it quite cumbersome.

Of course the pneumatic tool uses an air compressor, which a lot
of folks may already have.  If not, a simple "pancake" compressor
which can deliver 90-100 PSI is sufficent and inexpensive.

The pneumatic rivet tool is the only way to fly!

As an aside, the new 6BA looks like an fine piece of workmanship.
The new open-air 40 meter loading coils are LARGE, and seem, at
first glance, to appear vastly superior to the previous versions.
Congratulations to AA7XT, G0KSC, K7JA, XE2K and the team,
and of course N6BT.

Once it gets up and installed, I'll give you an overall assessment and
post some pictures online.

Larry K4AB

On 8/8/14, Chip Margelli <> wrote:
> Hello to all.
> We've come across a very nice tool for inserting rivets beyond the "small"
> 1/8" rivets used on smaller elements.
> Harbor Freight has an item called the Pittsburgh 18" Heavy Duty Hand
> Riveter that sells for all of $19.95. It makes work with 3/16" rivets
> effortless, and even a 1/4" rivet does not require major exertion. Trying
> to do either of these sizes with a hand pop rivet gun will lead to serious
> frustration. The Harbor Freight SKU is 66422, and most HF stores have these
> in stock, it seems.
> 66422.html
> This tool is especially useful when pulling rivets on larger elements, or
> on element-to-boom clamping plates, for beams from various manufacturers,
> not just Force 12. And it is much cheaper and less bulky than a pneumatic
> rivet gun.
> It even comes with a Collection Bottle, important for installers above the
> age of 55.
> 73,
> Chip K7JA
> Force 12InnovAntennas America
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