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[TowerTalk] Optibeam OB12-4W Yagi For Sale

Subject: [TowerTalk] Optibeam OB12-4W Yagi For Sale
From: Matt Brosious via TowerTalk <>
Reply-to: Matt Brosious <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 10:11:36 -0700
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Optibeam OB12-4W,  12 Element yagi beam, 4 monoband yagis interlaced on 27' 
boom. 2 Elements 40, 3 Elements 20, 3 Elements 17, 4 Elements 15 meters. Very 
high quality German engineering and construction, 100MPH rated. This antenna is 
a top dx performer with excellent gain, f/b and low angle of radiation. 
Includes Array Solutions 5K balun and 3" boom to mast clamp hardware. Bought 
from Array Solutions for $4600 in October 2012. Change in plans forces sale. 
Antenna was professionally built by K4ZA and is currently on sawhorses in my 
yard. Pickup in Palm Beach county Florida or will disassemble and ship at 
actual cost. Excellent condition. Will sell for $2300. Save 50% over new 
Optibeam. More information at

Matt W1MBB

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