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[TRLog] Problem with Ver 5.99 and DVK

Subject: [TRLog] Problem with Ver 5.99 and DVK
From: (Dan Downard)
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 97 05:53:30 UT
I just installed Ver 5.99 last night.  I am having a problem with the internal 

1.  The DVK is working fine with W9XT's programming software (DVRC?).  The 
W9XT TSR will run with TR but you have to use F12 to get to the messages.
2.  The DVK was working fine in the 160M SSB test last weekend.  I think I was 
using Ver. 5.98 (I switched back to 5.98 and am using it this weekend)
3.  I have a DVK OFF window below the Exchange Window.  
4.  My LOGCFG has DVK PORT = 2.  Is there something I have to do to enable the 
DVK?  I looked through the latest release notes and notices the DVK changes 
but no mention was made of additonal commands.


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