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[TRLog] V5.99 Lockup

Subject: [TRLog] V5.99 Lockup
From: (Larry Tyree)
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 09:21:05 -0800 (PST)
> Two times during the ARRL DX Phone Contest, TR locked up.  It basically
> "froze" and did not follow any changes made to the rig (band/mode), nor
> would it respond to keyboard commands.  I had to shut it down and reboot.
> It would function normally for a while, then lock up.  This happened after I
> accidentally kicked my surge protector and killed power to the PC. (And that
> was only one of the things that went wrong this weekend.)  Could
> accidentally killing the power have caused the subsequent lockups?  I was
> using version 5.99 with a FT-900.  I lie to TR and tell it I'm using 
> a FT-890.  
> Any ideas?

That is what you get for telling a fib!  

It is unlikely that your accidental shutdown caused this problem, but
I can;t totally rule it out since I don't know for sure (yet) what 
exactly caused your problem.

Can you tell me more about the circumstances of the lockups?  Also,
a peek at your LOGCFG.DAT file would be nice - so I can fully
understand your configuration.  

In other news, I spent some quality time with the program during the
contest - stopping and fixing things as I found them.  The DVK can
now record from TR without any TSR programs being installed.  I think
this should fix any problems people were seeing before.  Lots of
little things cleaned up - like Control-Enter sending voice messages
when it shouldn't and the beam heading window overflowing with entries 
like KH8/N5OLS (now just shows KH8).

I will put out a new release in a week or so with all of the issues
raised from this weekend addressed.  


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