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[TRLog] V5.99 Lockup

Subject: [TRLog] V5.99 Lockup
From: (Jonathan Silvergran, SM3OJR)
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 05:02:21 +0100
>> Two times during the ARRL DX Phone Contest, TR locked up.  It basically
>> "froze" and did not follow any changes made to the rig (band/mode), nor
>> would it respond to keyboard commands.  I had to shut it down and reboot.

The same thing happened a couple of times at SL3ZV during the ARRL DX. We 
had two machines connected, but this problem occurred on one of the computers 
only. (386SX/16)  I first thought it had something to do with RF sneaking into
the computer, but it locked up a few times even with a ton of ferrites added
to each and every one of the cables to/from the "mainframe". 

BTW, the propagagation locked up on us too. We made only 1020 QSO's over the
entire weekend, and only ONE QSO the first 8 hours !!

73 and keep up the good work!

Jon, sm3ojr


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