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[TRLog] Re: Multi transmitter users

Subject: [TRLog] Re: Multi transmitter users
From: (Larry Tyree)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 10:43:01 -0800 (PST)
Bill, N0AC writes:

>You guys were the only one to answer my question so I'm sending this
>message to all.
>At N0NI, I'm trying to get everyone sold on TR but I'm having some trouble.
>In the ARRL DX test last weekend the Friday ops dumped TR and loaded NA
>because of some things TR wouldn't do for them. So, in you're operating how
>do you handle the following situations?
>1. Can't get the voice keyer to stop. This was supposed to be fixed but the
>Frid ops couldn't even get TR to run the W9XT card let alone stop it.

This might have been one or two simple things that was wrong in 5.99.
It seems you had to have DVPTSR loaded to make the DVK work (I know
that makes no sense, but I must have had it loaded when I did my

This is fixed for the next reelease.  Also, you won't need to use
the TSR that comes with the DVK to program it.  This TSR and TR
might not like to be loaded at the same time (I am not certain this
is a problem).

Also, when using hte DVK, the default DVK OFF came up which disables
the DVK.  One would have had to press Alt-K to get to DVK ON.  DVK ON
is now the default in the next release.

Please refer to the warning at the top of version 5.99 release notes.
The changes to the DVK were not field tested.

>2. How do you correct mistakes after logging the QSO? If you're in the edit
>window no problem but what happens if it gets past that? 

Write a note in the log and fix it after the contest.  This is a basic
difference between those programs that have the whole log in memory
and those which don't (TR doesn't).  Once a QSO has been sent around
the network, you can't change it.

>3. Here is the situation-You work someone and find out later it is
>mis-copied. You can't go back into the log and correct. It has been sent to
>the other computers. You try to work that station on another band but they
>say B4 because you couldn't correct the call once you realized it was
>wrong. It would be nice to go back and do corrections on the fly and get
>them sent to the other PCs.

You can always enter the QSO a second time with the correct call and
it will fix the dupesheets.  It is easy to remove it (or flag as a dupe)
after the contest.

>4. You're working 40m SSB DX test. You're remote computer can't see the
>splits the packet cluster is sending out, only just the TX frequency. The
>only computer with full packet is the host.

True - this is one area I intend to make improvements in (I call it
TR's split personality).

>5. What do you do for a 10 minute timer like NA has?

Multi-single is another area where TR isn't very strong yet.  Part of
this is because the program author doesn't have much experience with
multi-single and doesn't even understand (for sure) what the ten
minute rule is.  I hope to better address this market segment over
the next year.

For now, I guess one would have to look in the log to determine this
(the last five QSOs should be enough for most cases).

Tree N6TR

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