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[TRLog] m/m in WPX - ser # issue

Subject: [TRLog] m/m in WPX - ser # issue
From: (Don Moman)
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 12:47:44 -0700 (MST)
I have pondered this for a while and don't think I'm missing something

We are doing multi-multi in CQ WPX with 5 or 6 op positions. Now that
packet cluster is available locally, we want to make use of this feature.
So if all computers are linked, qso and packet spots are sent around the
network. QSO info, while not vital is nice to have, but how does one keep
the serial number from incrementing - m/m use consecutive serial numbers
for each band. I can envision several "Control J" commands that would do
the job, but have no idea of the work involved to implement them.  If Ctrl
J could turn off all QSO info (curently choices are all or new mults) from
being passed, this would get us by.  Spots would be more useful than QSO
info. Ultimately there needs to be a Ctrl J that addresses "QSO number by
bands" and "QSO number overall" increments.  We also would like to change
operating positions for each band, depending on conditions,failure etc so
a "QSO number by bands"  would be very handy, since the band QSO total
would track and change as each operating position changed bands. 

>From previous multi-op comments it seems like there may not be a lot of us
that have used TRlog in this situation, so am bringing this up in hopes
there is time to implement something before WPX.

73 Don

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