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[TRLog] Russian DX Contest

Subject: [TRLog] Russian DX Contest
From: (
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 17:13:42 -0500 (EST)
Has anyone developed a <logcfg.dat> file for the upcoming 
Russian DX Contest as yet?  I'm having problems with the
mults and scoring.  Thanks.

73 //Garie


 Russian DX Contest
        The SRR invites all licensed radioamateurs to participate in the
        Russian DX Contest.
DATE:   Third full weekend of March.
TIME:   Saturday  12.00   -   Sunday  12.00 UTC.
MODE:   SSB and CW.
EXCHANGE: RS(T) + QSO number starting with 001. Russian stations send RS(T) +
        two letter "oblast" code (max 88 + 3 on each band).
        Valid oblast designators are:
        AB  AD  AL  AM  AO  AR  BA  BO  BR  BU  CB  CN  CK  CT  CU  DA  EA
        GA  HA  HK  HM  IR  IV  JA  JN  KA  KB  KC  KE  KG  KI  KJ  KK  KL
        KN  KO  KP  KR  KS  KT  KU  LO  LP  MA  MD  MG  MO  MR  MU  NN  NO
        NV  OB  OM  OR  PE  PK  PM  PS  RA  RO  SA  SL  ST  SM  SO  SP  SR
        TA  TB  TL  TM  TN  TO  TU  TV  UD  UL  UO  VL  VG  VO  VR  YA
CLASSES: A - Single OP all bands. CW, SSB and MIXED. For mixed entry it is
             allowed to work the same station twice on the same band (one CW
             and one SSB QSO) but the time difference between these QSOs must
             be no less than 10 minutes.
         B - Single OP single band (only mixed).
         C - Multi OP single TX (only mixed, 10 minutes rule must be observed
             while changing band).
POINTS: Russian stations                  - 10 points
        your own country                  -  2 points
        another country on your continent -  3 points
        another continent                 -  5 points.
        For Russian stations working to each other QSO point method is 2-3-5.
MULTIPLIER: The sum of DXCC countries and Russian "oblasts" on each band.
FINAL SCORE: Total QSO points times total multipliers.
LOG:    Separate for each band (the IARU standard log OK). Computer disks
        (N6TR.dat or K1EA.bin files) would be appreciated. Send your logs to:
                   Contest Committee, SRR
                   P.O.Box 59
                   105122 Moscow

FAQ on WWW:     
Administrative requests:
Sponsored by:             Akorn Access, Inc. & N4VJ / K4AAA

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