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[TRLog] Win95 Install Questions

Subject: [TRLog] Win95 Install Questions
From: (Stephen Merchant)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:04:19 -0800
I'm considering putting Windoze95 on my radio computer.  4 serial, 2
parallel, DVP, 16-bit SoundBlaster.

My question is:  is this a really stupid thing to consider?  Will it set me
back three months?  Will all my gadgets and appliances still run?  And can I
simply bring it up in DOS mode and not get hassled by Win95's magical i/o
routines?  I think I've seen several comments about not being to run
perfectly in a dos box under Win95.

Thanks for any wisdom.  If there's interest, I'll summarize.

73, Steve K6AW /or/

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