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[TRLog] WPX results

Subject: [TRLog] WPX results
From: (LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 12:00:35 -0800 (PST)
1. The network worked very well at N6RO - reports indicate that everyone
   was impressed, even the CT users who expect more problems.

2. If you selected times for the Auto-CQ over 10 seconds, the formating
   of the display got a little strange.  This is fixed for the next

3. If you are using the DVK, pressing F1 to play a CQ message doesn't
   generate a CQ band map entry.  Turns out it does for CW or DVP 
   operation.  This is also fixed for the next release.

The next release will build upon the progress made with the multi 
network.  I intend to come up with some easy way for a new or rebooted
computer to get back up to speed.  Now that I have full confidence
in the basic network - it is much easier to think of other cool 
things to add.

One thing that will be nice is for people to install a bypass switch,
or connector, so that when they take a computer out of the link, it
isn't broken. 

Oh - I have also rewritten the multi section of the manual to make it 
more clear.  This was based upon feedback where some people got confused
about how to hook it all up.   


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