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[TRLog] DVP support broken?

Subject: [TRLog] DVP support broken?
From: (
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 97 17:07:40 EST
Hallo there, 

it seems Tree broke DVP support in last release of TR. 

After one year, I operated again from club location (my last operation
from there were CQ WPX CW and CQ WPX SSB 1996). I took my DVP with me 
and installed it in club`s PC, and then tried to record some messages.
Nothing were recorded, and even indicator didn`t spined at all, unless
I hold Alt-W pressed continuously during recording. Tryed to listen 
'recorded' messages, but, of course, didn't heard nothing.

Settings were same as recomended in the Manual (and in CT Manual):

DEVICE=C:\DOS\RAMDRIVE.SYS 2048 512 64 /E  in CONFIG.SYS file and

After the contest, when I returned home, I tryed to record messages 
again (to find the culprit why it didn`t worked at club`s PC) and
disabled SET DVPPATH statement. Anything then worked OK (messages 
were ,of course, saved to hard disk)!   

So, You need to pre-record DVP messages, then add SET DVPPATH statement 
in your AUTOEXEC.BAT, reboot computer and copy pre-recorded messages
into RAM DRIVE (COPY *.DVP D:\)...This worked for me, but I found this
(complicated) way *after* the contest, :-(

Another problem was radio interface. It seems it works OK in CW mode
(ARRL contest CW), but in SSB mode (CQ WPX SSB) radio doesn`t follow
commands from PC - doesn`t QSY to frequency you typed in the Call
Window, nor sets B VFO to frequency, setted by Alt - (dash)! Tryed with
"fine tuning" of Icom Command Delay and Icom Response Time, but without
success. (Again, it seems it works OK in CW mode)! Although I don`t 
understand what relation could have mode with radio interfacing, :-)

Without DVP, I mostly S&Ped during the contest and found Band Map superb
indeed! Only, it`s pitty that I had to turn dial to particular FRQ, as 
Ctrl-PgDn command didn`t moved me to desired one. Packet Radio support
worked smooth with "BROADCAST ALL PACKET DATA = FALSE".

The name of latest release shows Tree`s sense of humor, :-)
There were so many enhacements since 5.40 and specially since 5.75, so 
Tree has all moral & ethical rights to mark next release with 6.0! 

73 de Mirko, S57AD

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