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[TRLog] DVP support broken?

Subject: [TRLog] DVP support broken?
From: (Stephen Merchant)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 13:28:15 -0800
>it seems Tree broke DVP support in last release of TR. 
>After one year, I operated again from club location (my last operation
>from there were CQ WPX CW and CQ WPX SSB 1996). I took my DVP with me 
>and installed it in club`s PC, and then tried to record some messages.
>Nothing were recorded, and even indicator didn`t spined at all, unless
>I hold Alt-W pressed continuously during recording. Tryed to listen 
>'recorded' messages, but, of course, didn't heard nothing.

>Another problem was radio interface. It seems it works OK in CW mode
>(ARRL contest CW), but in SSB mode (CQ WPX SSB) radio doesn`t follow
>commands from PC - doesn`t QSY to frequency you typed in the Call
>Window, nor sets B VFO to frequency, setted by Alt - (dash)! Tryed with
>"fine tuning" of Icom Command Delay and Icom Response Time, but without
>success. (Again, it seems it works OK in CW mode)! Although I don`t 
>understand what relation could have mode with radio interfacing, :-)

Hello, Mirko:

AE0M and I set up AE0M at N6RO last weekend running version 5.99+5dB.  We
had 7 computers on the network with 5 radio stations running full-time.
There were three DVPs and two CVBs running.  Five of the seven computers had
radios interfaced to them -- three Yaesu (FT990, FT1000MP), one Kenwood
TS950SD and one Icom IC756.  We had no DVP problems other than one
mysterious occurrence on one machine which Tree and I are still researching.
All the other DVPs, CVBs, and radio interfaces worked perfectly, as did
packet.  The network was rock solid.

Maybe there is another explanation for the problem you were experiencing.
If you want to send me <or Tree> a copy of your logcfg.dat file, I'd be
happy to look at it.

Now if we can only get him to make TR mix drinks during the slow times....

73, Steve K6AW

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