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[TRLog] Re: DVP support broken?

Subject: [TRLog] Re: DVP support broken?
From: (Larry Tyree)
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 09:04:13 -0700 (PDT)
> it seems Tree broke DVP support in last release of TR. 
> After one year, I operated again from club location (my last operation
> from there were CQ WPX CW and CQ WPX SSB 1996). I took my DVP with me 
> and installed it in club`s PC, and then tried to record some messages.
> Nothing were recorded, and even indicator didn`t spined at all, unless
> I hold Alt-W pressed continuously during recording. Tryed to listen 
> 'recorded' messages, but, of course, didn't heard nothing.
> Settings were same as recomended in the Manual (and in CT Manual):
> DEVICE=C:\DOS\RAMDRIVE.SYS 2048 512 64 /E  in CONFIG.SYS file and

I have recently "upgraded" my computer to Windows-95, and have found 
two things:

1. The RAMDRIVE.SYS program is in C:\WINDOWS, not C:\DOS. 

2. The SET DVPPATH statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file doesn't seem
to work anymore.

Therefore, I have added a new LOGCFG.DAT command DVP PATH, which allows
you to put DVP PATH = D:\ in your LOGCFG.DAT file, and that works.  You
can also view/set this parameter from Control-J.

> Another problem was radio interface. It seems it works OK in CW mode
> (ARRL contest CW), but in SSB mode (CQ WPX SSB) radio doesn`t follow
> commands from PC - doesn`t QSY to frequency you typed in the Call
> Window, nor sets B VFO to frequency, setted by Alt - (dash)! Tryed with
> "fine tuning" of Icom Command Delay and Icom Response Time, but without
> success. (Again, it seems it works OK in CW mode)! Although I don`t 
> understand what relation could have mode with radio interfacing, :-)

Which Icom were you using?  Which Icom did you put in the LOGCFG.DAT 

Sorry it took me a while to get to this - been a very busy week.

73 Tree N6TR/7

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