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[TRLog] Footswitch

Subject: [TRLog] Footswitch
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 13:26:00 -0700
Tree and the group,

Here are some thoughts on what a Footswitch might do:

One thought I had had a long time ago was to have it toggle the autosend
feature on and off when in CQ mode.  Like, hold the FS down for a really
L O N G call, if you need to type it in complete before starting to
send.  (KB6XQJ/KH9 QLF calling 3 times before K).  I can't remember the
keystroke for this (Alt-N?).

Another was to have it toggle the active radio (Alt-R).

These two ideas are really just tying an existing one-key-stroke feature
into the footswitch (like mapping a really big key).  Perhaps if you
made it general like that, you could have something *very* user

Another idea was to have it as an "inverse" PTT:  a "WHOA!" button like
a brake pedal--stomp on it if the program is sending something/somewhere
you didn't want it to, but without pressing escape once too many times,
hi.  I actually have thought about putting this feature (a key line
interrupt) in my LRB headset switchbox.  This is something the software
wouldn't necessarily have to do (it could be done in the wiring only).

BTW One of the leftovers in that switchbox is a useful thing, a toggle
switch which crosses the wiring from computer to the two radios (1
becomes 2, 2 becomes 1) which is useful when one keying line craps out,
you can immediately go to manual switching between radios for sending.

>From: LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc
>Subject: [TRLog] Footswitch
>Date: Monday, April 28, 1997 11:50AM
>The next release of TR will have a new feature that could be pretty
>You can connect a footswitch to a parallel port (pin 15) and have
>it act as your RETURN key (when used for sending CQ message F1, or
>finishing input to the CQ or EXCHANGE windows).
>I am interested in hearing what other things you would like it to
>do (selectable modes from Control-J).  I have one or two ideas:
>1. When used as a RETURN to finish a CQ QSO, have it send the Quick QSL
>message instead of the QSL message (this would be selectable as a mode).
>2. Use it as a "real" footswitch and control the PTT signals with it.
>Advantage here is that it would be routed to the "active" radio and
>you could just use one footswitch.
>Maybe if you press it while CQ is being sent, it should stop the CW?
>See you at Dayton - booth 424.
>73 Tree N6TR
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