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[TRLog] Keyboard CW from TR

Subject: [TRLog] Keyboard CW from TR
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 08:55:00 -0700
But it would be, oh, so helpful, if the function keys worked while in KB
mode.  Then I would actually use the keyboard in a contest.

>From: george fremin iii
>Subject: [TRLog] Keyboard CW from TR
>Date: Wednesday, May 28, 1997 10:29AM
>Someone asked if TR would send a comma in the keyboard mode
>and that got me to wondering what other things could be sent.
>Here is the list - thought it might be of interest.
>Yes - in fact your question got me to looking at what it would send.
>Shift 1  !   sends  SN (pretend there is a bar over these)
>Shift 7  &   sends  AS
>Shift ,  <   sends  SK
>         +   sends  AR
>         =   sends  BT
>         ,   sends  AAA   comma
>         .   sends  MIM   period
>         /   sends  DN    slash
>And of course it sends all the letters and numbers.
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