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[TRLog] Yaesu RIT control

Subject: [TRLog] Yaesu RIT control
From: (Ernesto Grueneberg)
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 15:44:46 -0300

        One of the main reasons I use TRlog is to control RIT with the
keyboard, so last weekend when I was using a FT990 I felt really bad,
since I was unable to control the RIT. So I thought a possible solution
could be using split intead. This is how this could work. Set A=B,
enable Split and then use Shift key to control one of the VFOs. To
prevent stay in split mode when you go S&P, when you change to that
mode, the split function could be disabled. 
What do you think??
LU6BEG Ernesto

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