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Subject: [TRLog] Re: Shifting Mode
From: (
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 11:59:01 -0400 (EDT)
Hello All,

Bill wrote:

>Subj:   [TRLog] mode selection
>Date:  97-09-29 08:07:41 EDT
>From: (k4lta)
>During the Tn QSO party, the mode indication on my screen kept changing
>from c.w. to ssb or noncw, in a randam fashion.  I thought at first that
>this might be an rf problem, but it continued to happen when I was not
>transmitting, even I had rebooted the computer.  Does anyone have a clue
>what is causing this problem?  It resulted in the most frustrating contest
>I have ever operatged, but thanks for the contacts anyway. 
>73 de Bill k4lta

I, likewise, have seen this happen.  After the 1997 ARRL DX CW from VP5, I
reviewed my log and found a few cases where the entry was logged as a 
non-(CW or SSB) contact.  I saw the screen flickering like this and my guess
is it happened when I entered some of the QSO's.

I am interfaced to an FT990.  Bill, I am wondering what kind of rig you are 
interfaced with?  It seems like I saw this at V31JP, but do not remember
and did not see it in the log, but I, usually, was not logging at a contest
rate, either.

73, K8Joe"Palooka"

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