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[TRLog] TR vs. CT

Subject: [TRLog] TR vs. CT
From: (W1HIJ--Bill)
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 11:39:54 -0700

FWIW, here's my experience. Like you I got back on the air after a long
hiatus. Getting hooked last year by the Cal Q Party caused me to look into
the "Big 3" (NA, CT, TRLog). 

The conclusion I came to was that:

1. Of the 3, TRLog was the easiest to pick up at a basic level for a "newbie".
2. TRLog provided the most flexibility and was simple to interface with
rigs, packet, etc.
3. TRLog's biggest fault for a "newbie" is that same flexibility because it
allows the user to really screw things up but at the same time, it allows
one to grow into various features of the program as they become useful and
valuable for you.

My suggestion---- start with the demo version of TRLog (still 4.05 I
think). First because it is free, but more importantly because it has fewer
bells and whistles and still provides all the functionality you need at the
start. Once you get used to some of its unique features (like separate
modes for S&P and running), you can then really decide whether for you it's
"intuitive". If so then upgrade to the current version (which is 6.0x) and
take advantage of the bells and whistles.

The other big advantage (and it is a major one) is support. Tree's efforts
and responsiveness are truly legendary. You won't find a better (and
faster) suport mechanism anywhere.

Bill, W1HIJ
(W6UFT in 97 CQP)

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