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[TRLog] Icom CI-V software

Subject: [TRLog] Icom CI-V software
From: (Jerry Fray)
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 12:39:26 -0500
Hi Gang -
        John Wilson, KN4HX has a program written for use with the Icom CI-V
device. It is available on my website on the Ham Radio Links page as
CI-V.ZIP. Here is a brief decscription:
   CI-V is an Icom control program written by John W. Wilson, KN4HX.
   The program will allow uploading and downloading of memories, linking
   of two Icom radios to have one 'track' the other either forward or
   backward, and many other things.
Jerry N9TU (Formerly KG9JD) 
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"
dit dit

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