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[TRLog] Interfacing the Kenwood

Subject: [TRLog] Interfacing the Kenwood
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 01:53:09 GMT
I have the Kenwood TS870 interfaced for frequency and band. Now how do
I get the CW going. Do I still use the Parallel port for this.
In other words are the parallel and serial ports active at the same
I sure wish the program made use of the Kenwood ability to key the
radio via the serial port! 

The document says Pin 1 is strobe. What does that mean? What level is
active here? Is this just a ground?  It looks like Pin 17 should be
plus w/r to the strobe to close the Xistor. Is that right? It will
still work even though I am using the serial port for the radio
itself. I have RADIO ONE CONTROL PORT = SERIAL 1 in the CFG file.

Gil Baron W0MN
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