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[TRLog] RIT on TS870

Subject: [TRLog] RIT on TS870
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 08:24:21 -0500
EXACTLY how do you activate RIT. If I use the right and left shift keys
they do qsy the rig up and down but no RIT is activated. If I manually
turn on RIT the shift keys change frequency but pressing both does not
clear RIT. Incidendtly it is VERY hard to control. There is a LOT of
hysterisis. After you let go of the key the frequency keeps changing for
a short time (too long IMHO) and it is hard to make very small changes,
even with a tap.

I see that I did not read too carefully so ignore my previous questions
about use of the parallel port for PTT and Keying. :-) I found the KEYER
OUTPUT PORT command.

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