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[TRLog] Packet splits

Subject: [TRLog] Packet splits
From: (VR97BrettGraham)
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 02:23:54 +0000
At 11:10 97.10.14 -0700, Tree  N6TR wrote:

>I am working on the routine to decode QSX information from packet
>spots.  This is a tedious procedure to write - making sure any of
>the "accepted" ways of recording this information will work.
>I am planning to do something like this:
>QSX 7238.2
>QSX 238.2
>All of the above would have to appear at the start of the notes field.
>I might get talked into things like this:
>up 1, dn 1, down 1.5
>but probably not this:
>up 100-200 Hertz
>Any input appreciated.

Syntax I've seen for a specific split: "QSX:+5", "QSX +5", "QSX up", "QSX
up 5", "up" (which doesn't seem to mean 1 kHz anymore), "up 5".

For spread splits: "QSX:+5 to +7", "QSX +5 to +7", "up 5 to 7", "up 5-7".


73, VR97BrettGraham

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