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[TRLog] The Point System

Subject: [TRLog] The Point System
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:02:48 -0600
On 14 Oct 97 at 2:09, Jack Trampler - N2JT wrote:

> Is there a way to configure TR Log for different points per band? 
> Is there a way to program half points, i.e, 1.5 points per contact. 
> Even though it was this past weekend, I am trying to configure TR
> Log for the PA QSO Party which gives 2 points on 160 and 80 meter CW
> and 1.5 points for any other CW contact.

Tree, when you've got this figured out, I'm going to invent the N7DR 
contest, wherein you get 1/10 point for the first QSO with a country, 
1/5 point for the next, 0.5 for the next, 3.26 for the next, and zero 
for all the subsequent ones. Except that QSOs with N7DR count (double 
+ 2.1) points. To encourage you to add this scoring scheme, QSOs with 
N6TR and K7RAT count triple. Add three points to all QSOs on Sunday 
afternoon, local time.

D.R. Evans N7DR / G4AMJ             

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