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[TRLog] Interface for TS870-S

Subject: [TRLog] Interface for TS870-S
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 03:27:20 GMT
After much trouble and time I got the Kenwood TS870 to interface using
only the serial port. The manual has some errors in it. They tell you
to connect pin 1 to 6 and 4 to 7 on the DB9 but both pins 1 and 4 have
no connections on the TS870. Thanks to a note from tree I was able to
realize that what was needed is the CTS go to RTS and than means
jumper pin 7 to pin 8.
In the end I jumper ed 7 to 8 and used pin 5 for ground and pin 4 for
CW out. I had to disconnect pin 4 from the kenwood by opening that
line. I had to leave pin 7 connected or the data from the radio would
not transfer. I don't know why but it seems to require pin 7 to be
connected. That means I could not use it for PTT so I disabled PTT in
the config file.
All seems to be working now although polling can be VERY slow. It does
not poll and show the new frequency and or band until you do something
like send a CQ. I don't know if that is correct (Tree?) but it seems
it ought to be able to poll all of the time after starting the program
and show any change you make to the radio with no intervention on the
keyboard. It does show it when the program starts. I have all of the
polling commands in logcfg left out so the defaults are in use. 
Gil Baron W0MN
Bailar es vivir" pgp2.6 key
"Cuatro caminos hay en mi vida. Cual de los cuatro sera el mejor" 
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