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[TRLog] Interface to Kenwood TS870 SOLVED!

Subject: [TRLog] Interface to Kenwood TS870 SOLVED!
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:47:10 GMT
I was having problems but I found an open line in my cable. I now tie
pin7 to pin 8 at the radio CTS/RTS and open those lines to the
computer.  Pin 7 remains open and works for PTT and pin 4 works for
the CW. Both of those lines are cut so they don't go to the radio. Pin
5 is ground and is left connected.
I tried killing power in the middle of testing and lost no logs data.
It must be backed up after every qso which I LIKE a LOT. I do wish
that the write to floppy happened immediately and also the printing
rather than being 5 qsoes behind. Nevertheless, it seems you don't
lose any even with a power failure. Good Job!
Gil Baron W0MN
Bailar es vivir" pgp2.6 key
"Cuatro caminos hay en mi vida. Cual de los cuatro sera el mejor" 
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