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[TRLog] RE: TRLog Digest V1 #162

Subject: [TRLog] RE: TRLog Digest V1 #162
From: (J. Allen)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 07:53:12 -0700
Has anyone considered just using whole integers for the points instead of 
1.5 use 3, then apply the same to the whole contest point schedule so that 
1 scores as 2, 1.5 as 3.... And then at the end of the "POST" work divide 
the score in half?????

It seems like an obvious approach to me.

Or we could extend N7DR's idea and develop a contest which is fair to those 
in the north as well, by increasing his present point schedule by the 
northern latitude squared and divided by ten.

Some of the input to the digest is downright fun!


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