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[TRLog] Digital Sound for Contesting

Subject: [TRLog] Digital Sound for Contesting
From: (Gilbert Baron)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 11:17:34 -0500
I am looking for a board to do the exchange in conjunction with the TR
logging program. It would then make SSB work like CW, automatic exchange
transmission, rather than a lost voice after a weekend of sweepstakes. A
plain recording won't do as variable parts like the QSO number need
automatic updating. 
I have been thinking about prgramming my sound card to do this. With a
text to voice application it should not be too hard. I find that TR runs
nicely in a dos window under windows 95 and this would give me a real
reason for multitasking. I am not sure what the interface to TR is that
could let the board or program know what message to send. I will also
post this to the TRLog mailing list.
Bailar es vivir

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